Features List (Continued)

31 Trading Lines available Automate Initial distance in Pips from Opening a Trade for:
10x Buy Trade Sticks, Set & Forget on Touch or Close Sticks (Drag & Drop) (1) Stop Loss Line (Dynamic)
10x Sell Trade Sticks, Set & Forget on Touch or CloseSticks (Drag & Drop) (2) Exit on Touch Line (Dynamic) can be set to Trailing x Pips away
4x Trend Alert Sticks, Set & Forget Exit Line on Touch or Close Sticks (Drag & Drop) (3) Exit on Close Line (Dynamic) can be set to Trailing x Pips away
3x Vertical Time Sticks (to warn, remove pending or close positions) (Drag & Drop)  
2x Friday Sticks (System Generated based on criteria) Option to Prevent Entry in Market Gaps more than x Pips
2x Stop Loss Sticks which you can control (BSL & SSL) Count Back Bars to Prevent Entry in Market Gaps more than x Pips
*** NEW FEATURE *** FALSE BREAKOUT STICKS (SEE VIDEO) Set amount of Pips to Lock in when Target Lines Drawn and Hit
  Automate Partial Close of Trade at Breakeven Point
All Entry Lines, Exit Strategy Lines, Time Lines and Alert Lines run in Stealth Mode. ie. Not visible to the Broker's Trading Desk.  
Set & Forget Stop Loss Line (Drag & Drop) BROKER VISIBLE Handles OCO's in 2 different ways:
  (1) Close opposite trade if open trade Locks In Pips
Set Up Manual for Setting Options + Training Bundle (2) Close opposite trade if trade opens
Video Training Suite (Continually Expanding)  
  Display Trade News event on chart
Trades Standard Charts, Point & Figure Charts & Renko Charts  
Complete control and choice of all colours in use Option to be Alerted if News coming up in next x to y Hours
  Option to Place Box on chart around News x Hours before
Full No Quibble Money Back Guarrantee (See Mechant Terms) Option to be Alerted if News  breaking in x Minutes
One Off Payment - Lifetime Use & Life Time Support  
  Option if Set Last Time on Friday to Open a Trade (Avoid Holding over Weekend)
Excellent Levels of support which can be: Option if Set Time on Friday to Close All Open Trades (Avoid Holding over Weekend)
(1)  Fast Turn-a-Round on emails  
(2) Skype 1-on-1 assistance (on Request)  Set Local Trading time for Alerts (Know exactly when the Alerts were sent to you)
(3) VPS assistance (on Request)  Option to Automate Opening 1, 2 or 3 Trades per Curency Pair at a time
(4) Remote View Trading PC (on Request)  Option to set Slippage (Default 3 Pips)
Trade Market Orders, Stop Orders & Limit Orders Option to Specify MAX MOVE a bar can close past an Open on Close Line
Instantly create a Market order and then let TradingSticks Manage it for you Decide Action if MAX MOVE happens:
Create Special Limit Order to Stop Order conversions (See Videos) (1) Cancel ORDER and remove trading Lines
  (2) Convert the STOP ORDER to a LIMIT ORDER and continue
Spread Betting Enabled  
Hide/Show Trade Information Option to Turn Money Management  On or Off
Set Automated Single Trade Target (Dynamic) Ricochet Trading Marcket Channels
Set Max Spread Visual Warning Quick Identification of Strategy Running with Colour Coding
Automate Breakeven Point (Dynamic) Full Money Management of Trades as percentage of Trading Balance
Automate Lockin Pips at Breakeven Point Set option to decide how to Round Up/Down Lot sizes from 0 to 2 Decimal Places
  Set Max Lot size to over ride Money Management
Choose 3 types of Exit Strategy and use any or all: Set Min Lot size to over ride Money Management
(1) Standard Stop Loss Set Fixed Lot Size if Money Management Turned Off
(2) Exit Trade on Price Action Touching the Line (Dynamic) Set Min Trading Balance to avoid Trading with "Empty Tank"
(3) Exit Trade on Price Action Closing Beyond the Line Drawn (Dynamic) Note "Empty Tank" can happen with small Balance or
  if Multiple Trades are running at the same time
Full Alerting Options on every part of the Pre-Trades through to Closing  
the Trades sent to Trade Screen Screen and/or Email (including Mobiles)  
NO LIMIT to how many Products traded at the same time AND THE LIST KEEPS GROWING...

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